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Northern and Eastern Districts of Sri Lanka Experienced the Civil war for the past 30yeras till dawn of peace in May 2009.
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Despite great advances made by housing programs in Sri Lanka, the need for safe..
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The Civil war experienced in Sri Lanka has created many segments of Children and youth.
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In the early 50's we initiated our development process through a planned economy.
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Culture is experienced and explored in everyday life. Everyone in a human society is shaped..
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Across Sri Lanka, local traditions and culture have been handed down through the efforts...
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Sri Lanka has high national coverage for access to improved water supply and sanitation,..
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Many problems like poverty, famine, disease, and armed conflict are regional or global issues that ..
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    Every child matters; become the center of Hopefulness for a child

    If you want to have a personal influence in a child's life and be responsible for paving their way into this world, then why not consider our "child sponsor" scheme.


    Be the change and help them lead a better life...

    If you are with a big heart wanting to make a big impact to the society, but feeling restricted by the fact of time, then why not consider being a "project sponsor" which would benefit many.


    Life is about making the best out of it and making everything matter to everyone...

    If you would like to make the memorable days of your life more meaningful then why not consider being an "event sponsor"

Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) is the basis of human development. The first years in life are very important, because what happens in early childhood can matter for a lifetime. ECCD emphasizes a holistic approach focusing on the child’s physical, mental, emotional, social as well as cognitive development. The objective of ECCD is to nurture the children for their physical and mental development and to prepare them for schooling with right attitudes and habits.

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